Take A Load Off Your Mind

It’s easy for hauliers and passenger transport operators to regard risk on the road as higher than that around the yard or garage. A recent fine shows why thinking like this can be very costly.

In the case in question, a haulier was fined £100,000, and required to pay costs of £53,401, because of an injury that an employee incurred when a load from the top of a double-deck trailer fell on top of him and fractured his skull.  Procedures for preventing such a situation had been considered, but not implemented and, additionally, there had been no segregation of pedestrian and employee areas.

Fines like this are not unusual when health and safety laws are not followed.  There are many haulage and bus and coach yards, as well as offices, in which there are accidents waiting to happen. With the help of an expert, these businesses can avoid becoming the next case reported on by the HSE and media.

If you want to avoid heavy financial penalties, stress and upset, low morale and damage to your business’s reputation, access professional expertise to help you identify areas that could be your Achilles heel from a health and safety point of view.  Our team at Gauntlet is always ready to help and just a phone call away on 0113 246 8686.