HGV Supercabs Prove Their Worth

In our last edition of Consultant in the Cab, we reported on the new HGV Supercabs, which have been commissioned to help detect driving offences. Since producing that report, Warwickshire Police have deemed the Supercabs “invaluable”, following the detection of 146 offences, involving 31 drivers, caught out over just a five-day period. Interestingly, one third of these drivers were commercial drivers.

The most common offence revealed by the Supercabs used in this exercise was that of not wearing a seatbelt, closely followed by using a mobile phone whilst at the wheel.  Offenders were spotted solely on high-speed motorways, underlining the dangerous and potentially life-threatening nature of these offences.

No transport manager should be running the risk of a Supercab catching out one of their drivers, although a heavy fine or points on a licence could be the least of their worries, despite these being financial blows and possible career wreckers.

Whilst blame could be apportioned to the driver, a judge could equally believe that a breach demonstrated a lack of training and a lack of compliance with the duty of care that the law expects of employers. This could see directors – or managers in charge of key areas of the business – facing personal prosecution, with their personal assets coming under threat.   Unless they have Directors & Officers insurance, their finances could come under enormous strain, as they mount a defence.

30 police forces have used the HGV Supercabs in the past 18 months and the project is proving a great success. Take the steps that will prevent your fleet and its drivers from being caught out.  Call 0113 244 8686 if you need our help in getting vital procedures in place.