Keep an Eye on Tachograph Compliance

With the pressures of Christmas deliveries, challenging weather conditions and driver shortages, it can be tempting to overlook the requirement to produce tachograph data every 28 days. And, as a recent survey shows, many operators are not sticking to their legal obligations anyway, increasing their risk on the road and the danger to other road users.

The survey, by Verizon Connect, has shown that 22% of HGV drivers spend more than 4.5 hours in the driving seat without taking the mandatory 45-minute break that this requires.  This is despite 18% of vehicle accidents being due to fatigue. 

Such flaunting of the law could not only result in a fatality or serious injury, but also lead to a fleet’s manager or director being personally prosecuted, if they did nothing to address the situation.  Do not put yourself and your company in the dock!  Take action, treat fatigue control as a vital part of your risk management and ask us for help, if you wish to go further than that, pro-actively controlling your risks in such a way as to lower your insurance premiums in the longer term.