Who Serves Britain’s Best Trucker Tucker?

Taking a rest, scheduling time off of the highway to take and make calls, and eating well are all vital factors when it comes to keeping truckers – and other road users - safe and healthy, But, which Sat Nav coordinates should they have keyed in, if they wish to enjoy Britain’s best trucker tucker? Gauntlet is ready to find out.

We are looking for those truck stops, diners, cafés and mobile snack bars that really treat truck and coach drivers to good healthy food, at a palatable price and we’re ready to crown the best of the best. 

As Italy is renowned for its food, and the city of Bologna worshipped by Italians as the country’s main hub of fabulous fayre, we’ve enlisted the help of Stefano Corvucci, head of the Culinary Institute of Bologna (CIBO) to help us identify trucker tucker food heroes.  But where we will find the trucker’s true foodie heaven is yet to be determined.

Get your nominations in for the best foodie truck stop you know, by emailing briangoulding@gauntletgroup.com before December 31 2019, telling us why this place is so special.  If you a run a truckers’ food stop, you can also self-nominate. 

We shall be crowning the Best Trucker Tucker Stop-Off in early 2020, so if it you want it to be your favourite, make it happen!