Show Other Road Users Some Glove!

Hands-free mobile phone operations could become illegal, if the Commons Transport Select Committee’s report of August 13, 2019 comes into force. So, what can commercial drivers do to prepare for that eventuality and how is Gauntlet helping you do that?

Firstly, you should take a long hard look at operations and determine how to operate your fleet in a completely mobile-communication-free way. Although haulage bodies are stating it is vital they have a means of communicating with their driver, in what is largely a just-in-time manufacturing economy dependent on reliable delivery timings, any ban on hands-free phone operation could well be introduced after a consultation period later this year. If it is, new working practices will be required.

The fact is that many drivers are still actually hands-on with their mobile communications whilst at the wheel. By taking action against hands-free operations as well, the authorities could perhaps be dramatically underlining the truly deadly consequences of texting, Skypeing, watching videos and paying for goods online whist driving, to mention but some common practices. A mood for enforcement seems to be growing and operators need to prepare for it.

For this reason, Gauntlet Bus and Coach Insurance and Gauntlet Haulage Insurance have launched a ‘Show Other Road Users Some Glove’ initiative, whereby we are urging commercial drivers to take the lead and put their mobiles away, turned off and in their glove compartments, whilst driving.

Operators can ask us for stickers to display, to demonstrate support.  In this way, we want to turn the clock back to a time when communication was planned during stops and not carried out whilst at the wheel and when a split second’s distraction could cause a death on the road.

Any non-commercial driver can also participate, simply by removing the temptation of having a phone at hand.  Getting into the habit now, could prevent fines, reputational damage, loss of licence and possible court appearances in the future. Above all, it could save you from the guilt of knowing you have taken a life or lives and destroyed others in the process.

43 deceased and 135 seriously injured people were the victims of someone driving whilst using a phone on a British road in 2017. That’s not acceptable.

Support for our ‘Show Other Road Users Some Glove’ campaign today and let’s get drivers showing each other some respect