• Set up sessions on managing stress for all employees

• Explain the company’s approach to mental health in your handbook and health and safety policy

• Talk about mental health within conversations, to encourage people to open up

• Stress that your company attaches no stigma to mental health

• Create staff surveys to try to gain insight into employees’ situations and needs

• Ensure drivers get regular breaks

• Highlight the importance of sleep, exercise and good diet – offer vouchers to gyms and food retailers, if this helps

• Put up our posters round the office

• Talk to mental health professionals, to get their advice

• Find out about our Gauntlet e-learning courses on Stress Training and Sickness Absence

• Be alert and keener to monitor the behaviour and reactions of those around you and flag up any concerns to a manager

• Speak up, if it is you that is struggling to cope

• Make sure employees know about the MIND helpline and can access its number – 0300 123 3393.