Don’t Bypass The Contractual Safety Net Provided By Health & Safety Consultancy

Having a health and safety consultant like Gauntlet in your corner isn’t just about risk assessments and method statements. Part of the rigorous programme that we implement could also help you avoid losing contracts, or assist you when pitching for them. If only someone had told the company handling the Aberdeen bypass contract!

In this particular case, the operator that was awarded the contract crossed the border of acceptable conduct when they took on extra vehicles to manage the project.  The HGVs they took on actually had no documentation or legal right to be operated in Scotland, only in England.

The consequence of this cross-border mistake has been the loss of the contract and a ban on the business’s right to hold a HGV operator’s licence, or apply for one, for two years.  This is a devastating impact if your trade is reliant on holding a licence, as one of our risk managers would have pointed out, had they been on board and able to audit all facets of the business. 

It’s maybe a different way to look at the usefulness of using a health and safety consultant, but a great demonstration of the fact that, when you take on Gauntlet health and safety, you don’t just get health and safety advice, risk assessments and method statements, but a full diagnostic that takes a helicopter view of your business and its operations.  Want to find out about all the benefits of using Gauntlet’s health and safety services?  Call us on 0113 244 8686, email or visit for a live chat.