Nowhere to Hide

In January, a coach driver driving through Europe was filmed using his mobile phone at the wheel. In the same month, a cyclist filmed a London bus driver texting whilst driving. Both cases made headlines and resulted in driver shame. But what’s the bigger picture here?

The fine for those using a mobile phone whilst driving is now £200, plus six licence points. That could potentially lead to driver disqualification. 

Penalty enforcement is rigid. The Traffic Commissioner has stated, “The use of the mobile phone is exceptionally dangerous and I would expect all operators to have policies in place regarding the use of mobile phones.”  Does your business?  The employer of this driver did not and it was their name hitting the headlines, not just the driver’s.

There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, in an age where so many people have access to a camera and video camera in their pocket or handbag. The camera doesn’t lie.  Social media users are unforgiving when spreading news of a firm’s misdemeanours.  Within just a few minutes, your fleet’s logo and news of your driver’s actions, could reach a worldwide audience.

It’s the flip-side of what recently happened to Charmaine Laurie, driving her Number 11 Lothian bus in snow deposited by the Beast from the East.  Steering her bus to deftly avoid a Mini that had slid into her path, before then avoiding a van, was great driving seen by over 100,000 people online, not to mention TV viewers.

Do something incredible and your driver, business and brand will be elevated to the level of heroes.  Do the opposite and the social media world will not hold back from painting you as worse than zeroes.

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