Drive Tired; Drive into Trouble

Those flouting driver hours’ legislation have run a huge risk since March 5 - the day when DVSA traffic examiners found their powers and penalties significantly extended. Falling foul of roadside checks, could damage your reputation and hit your pocket. Do you understand how?

Previously, DVSA examinerscould only fine a driver for an hours’ infringement on the day they were stopped.  Now, they can issue on-the-spot fines for any offences in the previous 28 days.

Up to five offences can be punished in one roadside check, at a level of £300 per offence, a fine of £1500 is possible, if rules have been consistently broken. Offences can have occurred either in the UK or overseas, and non-GB drivers must pay immediately or have their vehicle immobilised until they do.

Until now, the authorities were powerless to take action against non-UK drivers who could have committed offences prior to being stopped.  Not anymore.

This is a major offensive on those who driving tired and legislation is addressing other aspects of tired driving too. Since November, the DVSA has been fining drivers up to £300 when found parked up in places such as lay-bys, where quality sleep is not assured and where local residents could suffer anti-social behaviour.

The reasons are clear.  Commercial vehicles are involved in four-in-ten sleep-related accidents and RoSPA say a fifth of all accidents are probably down to driving whilst tired.  Tiredness is behind a quarter of serious and fatal crashes.

Do you really want your company name associated with fines or an incident caused by them driving tired?  Learn how to reduce your drivers’ risk on the road, by talking to Gauntlet health and safety on 0113 244 8686.