Fleet Managers Alerted To Agency Driver Risks

If you’re one of the 42 per cent of UK companies using temporary agency staff as drivers, do you understand the risks attached? Statistics show agency drivers are more likely to be involved in collisions - bad news for your fleet and your annual insurance claims tally. So how do you handle this?


By the very nature of their work, temporary drivers often have a less vested interest in the businesses that use their services, so could be careless when it comes to health and safety.  They may also not know how to operate equipment, or understand the stay-safe procedures in and around your yard.  Don’t assume that they do!


Fleet managers have the same level of responsibility for agency drivers’ health and safety as for that of employees.  However, whilst retained staff may be aware of your safety rules, an agency driver may not, unless you specifically brief them.  If you don’t do that, they could be involved in an incident or accident that leaves you personally, and your company, penalised under health and safety law.  With fines now meted out for the possibility of harm, rather than actual injury or fatality, can you afford to run that risk?


It is vital to have an agency driver induction policy in place, as well as ensuring the agency you hire from has checked their temporary drivers’ credentials, including their type of licence and any points on it.  You may also wish to put your agency drivers through a driver assessment – like Gauntlet Driving Monitor – to gain an idea of their weaknesses and address them.


This tool, available to Gauntlet clients, can also be used to check on licences, so you can make absolutely sure your agency drivers are legally entitled to take to the road.

Taking a big risk with agency drivers really isn’t worth it.  Talk to Gauntlet about how you can reduce the likelihood of accidents and incidents and keep all drivers – permanent and temporary – safe within your fleet.


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