Winter Weather Preys On Fleet Driver Weaknesses

Bad winter weather undeniably leads to an increased risk of accidents and insurance claims, but what fleet manager and bus and coach operators need to remember is that it preys on driver weaknesses, apparent all year round and just more obviously exposed in winter. This could be poor decision making, having a tendency to drive too fast, or brake too late, or driving too close to vehicles in front. So what’s the answer?


If you want to reduce your insurance claims in winter, it pays to understand your drivers’ bad habits and work on their weaknesses.  Using a tool like Gauntlet Driving Monitor, as well as looking at better risk management.


Bad habits are quickly identified by Gauntlet Driving Monitor – an online hazard perception and training tool that also delivers e-learning tailored to the needs of the individual driver and their weaknesses.


But it could be that other procedures, and a lack of controls, help make winter your worst enemy.  Here, a Gauntlet fleet survey could help get you on the road to better risk control.


But whilst bearing this in mind, remember some of Gauntlet’s key winter driving tips:


  • Don’t get caught out by flooding, as several coach drivers were last year.  Listen to local radio stations and don’t foolishly take water on, in an attempt to complete a journey on time.


  • If it’s icy, approach curves and intersections with caution. Also be aware of icy patches lurking beneath tree canopies and on bridges and overpasses and allow ten times more braking time.


  • If foggy, don’t hang on to other vehicles’ tail lights.  Don’t instantly speed up if one patch of fog lifts, as fog can drift dangerously.


  • Always have a pair of sunglasses in the cab. Low winter sun can be a killer.


  • Maintain at least half a tank of gas, to keep fuel lines from freezing.


  • Check the tread on tyres is legal and tyres are inflated to the right pressure.


  • Don’t drive with the heater on full – you could doze off at the wheel.


  • Take care when getting in and out of your cab in icy conditions.


  • Make sure that accidents don’t occur around the yard by creating a robust risk assessment and addressing any areas of safety concern. 


  • Ensure your yard does not become icy and slippy by having a supply of salt on hand.


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