Don’t Be Lay-by Lazy

If you’re turning a blind eye to where your drivers park up, or don’t ask questions when it comes to their rest periods, you could find yourself picking up the tab for fines that your drivers incur, due to changes in the law.

Whilst historically the DVSA could only fine drivers who broke the driver hours’ rules on the day the offence occurred, it can now issue an immediate fine for offences committed during the last 28 days.  Additionally, it can levy a fine covering up to five different driver-hours offences at once.  This could see a driver incurring an on-the-spot fine of up to £1500.

The rules relate to offences occurring both in the UK and overseas.  Non-UK drivers must pay immediately or have the vehicle they are driving immobilised, creating headaches over delivery promises and contract fulfilment.

The DVSA is also cracking down on where drivers take their rest breaks.  Fines of up to £300 can be levied if a driver spends their entire weekly rest break in places where they are unlikely to enjoy quality rest or sleep.  Other penalties can be levied if their living conditions whilst resting are inadequate, or they are causing problems for local communities whilst parked up.

The new rules have been introduced to combat the issue of drivers taking to the wheel when tired and when they have not had adequate or quality sleep.  The onus is now on hauliers and bus and coach operators to make every effort to work out where their drivers are resting and in what conditions.

As a passenger transport operator or haulier, you have duty of care to your drivers and the general public, so don’t fail in your obligations.  Let Gauntlet’s health and safety team help you create procedures and a proper rest plan for your drivers.  If you do so, you can not only avoid heavy fines, but also reduce the risk that your drivers pose on the road, which will most likely improve your claims history and help lower the insurance premiums that you pay.

To sleep more soundly over driver safety, contact Gauntlet’s health and safety team on 0113 244 8686 today!