Check Your Drivers Out

The issue of drivers not having the right permissions and licences to drive on UK roads has made the headlines recently, so just how sure are you that your drivers are driving legally?

In a sector where driver shortages are a constant issue, it’s easy to take drivers at their word and not actually fully examine their driving credentials.  It can take time to check with the DVLA database and it may have slipped your mind to do so.

Additionally, you may not have checked the current status of the licences of those drivers who have been with you for a while.  Are they still as they were when you first reviewed them?  Could points or bans have escaped your attention?

There’s one very easy way to resolve this issue, if you opt for Gauntlet Driving Monitor and take advantage of its Licence Monitor online verification system.  This will quickly tell you whether your drivers are entitled to drive on company business and will send you an alert if things change. You will be given reliable information about licence restrictions, expiry dates or changes in licence details and can check the categories for which your drivers are licenced.

Road incidents caused by your drivers reflect badly on your company and its reputation, so don’t take the risk of sending drivers out on the road, if they are not eligible to be driving for you.  Just get in touch and we’ll tell you more about Gauntlet Driving Monitor and Gauntlet Licence Monitor.